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On April 1, 2012 new fire protection rates will begin taking effect for property insurance policies within the Cloquet Area Fire District (CAFD). In June 2011 the CAFD underwent an exhaustive evaluation by the Insurance Services Organization (ISO) to determine what effect the creation of the CAFD would have on overall fire protection within the cities we serve. The rating system, known as the ISO Public Protection Classification Rating, is designed to give insurance companies an independent means to measure the efficiency and capabilities of various fire departments. The rating system awards a class between 1 and 10, with a rating of 10 being essentially no organized fire protection capabilities, and a 1 being recognized as one of the best systems in the country.

In Minnesota, fire departments have received ratings from 3 to 10 with no Class 1 or 2 departments in the state. In January ISO released the new classification ratings, and the results of this review have shown that the creation of the CAFD has improved the level of fire protection to every community that we serve. The ratings are split between areas protected by fire hydrants and those that are not. The areas of the CAFD protected by fire hydrants rated as follows; the City of Cloquet dropped from a Class 5 to a Class 4, the City of Scanlon dropped from a Class 6 to a Class 4. The areas of the CAFD not protected by fire hydrants, including Perch Lake Township, dropped from a Class 7 to a Class 6. This Classification change in the areas without hydrants was substantial, and ISO’s Doug Sele stated, “In my experience, a Class 6 for a non-hydranted area is rare and everyone should take some pride in that classification since the vast majority of hauled water areas result in Class 7 or 8.” These new ratings place the level of fire protection provided by the CAFD in the top 7% of fire departments in Minnesota.

A variety of outside organizations have identified the CAFD as a service delivery model and highlighted the success of the CAFD over the last two years. The improved ISO Public Protection Classifications show that the CAFD is not only more efficient and economically stable, but is also providing a higher level of service to the public than was possible by stand-a-lone fire departments in each community. While property insurance rates are made up of many factors, the fire protection provided by the CAFD results in a real and tangible benefit to every property in the District. The CAFD continues to focus on being the most efficient and economic emergency service provider possible, and we take great pride that our success results in benefits for every citizen in the District.



The CAFD was awarded a 2011 FEMA Assistance to Firefighters Grant for additional training equipment.  The $245,000.00 project is for a Mobile Training Tower and will be funded through $232,750 of Federal funding and be matched with a local contribution of $12,250.

The 2011 grant will be used to purchase a second training trailer for use by the District and other regional emergency service providers.  The trailer is a 4 1/2 story vertical Mobile Training Tower (MTT) that will be transported horizontally and then hydraulically raised for use.  The portable nature of the trailer will allow for the MTT to be set up at any location and provide direct delivery, on-site training anywhere in the District.  The tower will allow for search & rescue, ground and aerial ladder, hoseline, standpipe, sprinkler, and rope rescue training.  Currently there is not facility within the District that offers the ability to conduct multi story training on an ongoing basis.

The MTT is expected to be delivered later this summer and training will begin immediately upon arrival.Slideshow (67)Slideshow (68)Slideshow (70)

Truck and TrailerThe CAFD’s new Mobile Live Fire Training Trailer was highlighted at the State of Minnesota Fire Safety Educators Professional Development Conference in St. Cloud, Mn during the last weekend in January.  The trailer, along with members of the CAFD Training Division, spent three days attending training sessions and conducting classes in the trailer.

The CAFD Mobile Live Fire Training Trailer is a 53’, 2-story propane powered live burn simulator.  The interior of the trailer is outfitted with multiple burn props, reconfigurable walls and doors, forcible entry/ventilation simulators and firefighter self rescue props.  The unit is completely self contained and is capable of training firefighters in both basic and advanced evolutions.

The trailer was delivered in the Fall of 2011, and is valued at over $350,000.  The state-of-the art trailer and was purchased through a Federal Assistance to Firefighters Grant.  The tow vehicle was obtained through the Federal Excess Property Program.

Monday, February 08, 2016

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